Get ready for just a contact form

This static website is hosted as GitLab Page and sends a contact form to our php backend. That is possible using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.

Why we wrote this project?

If you have static websites, such as GitLab Pages or GitHub Pages just like us, and just like to use a contact form, this opensoure project with a self hosted backend might be a good choice. Virtual servers are usually cheaper than contact form services. Most services just have not enough options on the free tier and are quite expensive on a basic paid plan. If you like self hosted forms with data management, take a look on Form Tools. This project takes just a different approach..

Do not be scared of a bit backend, it`s just code

This project offers a solution to forward a message from a static page to an email, with features like form validation, captcha and file upload but with just a minimal backend, not a full blown CMS system. This website demonstrates just a contact form making a jQuery call to a self hosted PHP backend. And to make it just easier for you, we provide the whole ansible setup for debian/ubuntu.

The backend uses PHP to accept the data from the frontend. It uses composer to manage dependencies and is unit-tested. We provide a docker-compose file with nginx and php:7-fpm to get started quickly.

Let us make great and free contact forms

There are many ideas to improve this solution: send form to an instant messenger or Elastic Search, provide localisation and accessibility. Both, this frontend, and the backend are open source. If you like to contribute, make a GitLab pull request or just use the contact form below ;-)